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Tank Cleaning In Dlf Krishnapuri

GD Water presenting ourselves as a Life line of tank cleaning services, they glad to be introduced ourselves as a reknowed and leading organization in a cleaning overhead water tanks and underground water chambers. Like blood in human body, without water nobody survive. Most of the people are cleaning their building tanks taditionally but it is not by modern scientific process. GD Water Consult do such cleaning by scientific manner with modern machineries and give you the best result. Most of the impurities like rust, sand, plants, weeds, algae or organic matter often settle down in this water tanks below the outlet below. Water in this portion of the tank usually stagnant and never used. This in turn provides a breeding ground for harmful virus, bacteria, cysts, and other micro-organism. We have a team of experienced service personnel who have expertise in providing solutions to cater client’s unique needs in Krishnapuri

After a lot of research GD Water Consult came up with these machines and cleaned their tanks on their own.
• This implied the following:
• No emptying of the water tank
• No human being getting inside the tank
• Minimal wastage of water in the tank (around 25-30% of the tank’s capacity)
• The process would take 25-30 minutes for any tank upto a 1000 litres and close to an hour for any tank up to the capacity of 5000 litres
• They were thrilled with what they had and decided that this non – invasive, hygienic methodology ought to be spread. That is when GD Water Consult was born.

They have trained operators who know about cleaning your tanks with quiet and clinical efficiency. GD Water Consult has the expertise and technical know how to ensure client satisfaction in Krishnapuri

GD Water Consult use specially designed machines to remove this mud dirt and silt from your tanks while leaving most of the water in your tanks. GD Water Consult just put in a pipe which has a brush at the end of it. During a regular procedure about 25% to 30% of the tanks capacity of water will get wasted leaving the rest as is. We offer complete support service in Krishnapuri

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