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Non-Invasive Water Tank Cleaning

Non-invasive water tank cleaning services in Delhi, Gurugram, Delhi NCR & Noida. GD Water consult renders top quality overhead water tank cleaning, underground water tank cleaning services in South Delhi. GD Water Consult Pvt. Ltd is a decade old name in water tank cleaning services across the capital.

Who We are

GD Water Consult Pvt. Ltd. is the best water tank cleaning service company in Delhi. We provide mechanised overhead tank cleaning, non-invasive underground water tank cleaning at genuine prices across Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurugram. We have a dedicated team of passionate water tank cleaning professionals who render quality service to your homes, offices, clinics, hospitals & other commercial spaces across Delhi.

We aim at making Delhi’s home, offices and surroundings clean through our top quality non-invasive water tank cleaning technology. Water is precious and therefore, GD Water Consult Pvt. Ltd focuses on making your water resources safe, hygienic and sustainable. We care for our clients and their families. Delivering world-class water tank cleaning services is our prime motive.

We also provide attractive AMC offers that help you save more water & money per cleaning. Learn all about our pricing by giving us a call on +91-99991-23030

Our Story

Meet GD Water Consult Pvt. Ltd. Experts

Shikha and Vincie have been living in South Delhi since 2007 and till September 2013, they would constantly worry about the health of their children because of the water that they were using for bathing, brushing their teeth and washing their hands, for the rest they were using bottled/RO Water.

The only solution was to get the tanks cleaned regularly, but the cleaning guy who entered the tank would be dirty himself. He would be there in dirty stinky clothes and chewing his paan. Looking at him, they would often wonder whether he is cleaning their tank or maybe just passing on some skin disease to them.

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What we do

The best tank cleaning services

Your homes and offices are where you spend most of your time, hence they are usually the first sources of filth and water-borne diseases. Hence, it is of utmost priority that we ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the water tanks inside residential and office spaces/buildings.


Dirty commercial and industrial water tanks affect the performance of your machines and ultimately, the performance and productivity of your manpower. Hence, the water tanks must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure top performance of your machines as well as of your manpower.


The reputation of hotels and restaurants takes years to build, and it takes just one gastro-outbreak caused due to dirty water to damage the same reputation beyond repair. In this industry, reviews and word of mouth are highly valued by potential customers. Hence, it is extremely important to get the water tanks cleaned regularly and maintain high cleanliness and hygiene standards as well as a high reputation.


Hospitals and clinics are considered a safe haven for the sick and diseased. Infections can spread during operations, which can be very dangerous. Clean water is used to sterilize spaces, tools and machines. Hence, in order to ensure the safety of patients, hospitals/clinics must get regular water tank cleaning done. If hospitals do not comply with well-established hygiene and cleanliness standards, there is a risk of them being entirely shut down.


Fire tanks contain massive amounts of water that is needed in cases of extensive fires where regular fire trucks are not enough. If not cleaned regularly, the fire tanks are of no use. So getting fire tanks cleaned regularly is a must, but they cannot be emptied during the process since it is unaffordable to waste so much of contingency water. Our procedures do not empty the tanks while ensuring 100% results at the same time.

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Save Water-Save Life

Clean water is becoming scarce. Day-by-day water resources are depleting due to pollution & other critical factors. Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Delhi NCR region is not left untouched with the water crisis. Pollution-fed water when entering your water tanks later on may cause health issues including skin disorders, typhoid and other deadly water-borne diseases.

Being  a responsible enterprise, GD Water Consult Pvt. Ltd uses mechanised non-invasive water tank cleaning technology that helps in cleaning your water tanks without physically entering into it. One step ahead from the traditional tank cleaning services near you, this technology helps save a great amount of water in the long run.

Do you live in South Delhi, Delhi NCR, Noida or Gurugram & are looking for the best water tank cleaning services in your locality? We offer responsible water tank cleaning services in Delhi

We provide non-invasive water tank cleaning services in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram & Delhi NCR