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RO water is bad for you

We all live in an era where water is important. Clean and filtered water is a must. Most importantly water with all its minerals intact is what we humans need for a healthy living. Let’s look at some facts about RO Water and you will be surprised.

Problems of ro purifiers

The water purifiers and RO systems need require high pressure of water and some water is wasted in the reject stream. If there is not enough water in the pipeline then a small electric motor is required to pump the water which needs electricity.

Does ro water cause health problems?

There are numerous studies and theories that say RO water is not good for health.

1. RO water has no essential minerals in it.
2. Another reason, RO water is too pure and is equivalent to distilled water.
3. Thirdly, RO water is acidic in nature and will have adverse effects on our health. Many of these studies have been done by W.H.O. Most RO purifiers have a re- mineralising cartridge over which the RO water passes before flowing out.
It is true that the RO filter removes all the impurities, dirt, germs and bacteria, along with this it removes the dissolved salts in it as well.

Essential minerals for drinking water
As per W.H.O Studies-

Ever get enough essential minerals from drinking water alone. Minerals required by our body has to come from food we eat, not from the water we drink.

We will prove this to you by putting some figures to this. WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that drinking water should not contain more than 500 ppm (parts per million) of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). 500 ppm is the same as 500 milli-grams in a Litre of water. A liter of water weighs 1000 grams = 1,000,000 milli-grams (mg). Assume we drink 2 liters of water a day, so the total mineral content that can possibly be got in the worst drinking water is 1000 mg. (2 liters at 500mg per liter of water). Of this normally more than 60% will be the highly soluble sodium salts which are not an essential mineral - you get plenty of Sodium in your table salt. That leaves 400mg of mineral salts other than sodium in 2 liters of water. Assume it is all Calcium, an essential mineral, so the maximum Calcium salts you can get from drinking 2 liters of the worst possible hard water is 400 mg as Calcium bi-Carbonate, which equates to about 160mg as elemental Calcium. Eating one slice of bread or one chapatti will have more calcium - wheat flour is fortified with calcium in most countries.

We are talking about the worst possible drinkable hard water - If you have 200 ppm calcium in your water, it is very hard water which will not taste good. Other than Calcium, the other essential minerals you can get from water are things like iron, magnesium, etc. Iron, even in very small quantities like 1 ppm, makes the water discoloured and taste very bad.

One important point to mention here. The RO water filter is doing its job of purifying drinking water by getting rid of all the salts in the water. This includes all toxic chemicals like Arsenic, Mercury, Heavy metals, Nitrates, etc. which can cause great health damage. In this process of removing the poison chemicals from water, it also removes essential minerals. This loss of essential minerals in water is insignificant when you compare it with the benefits of being sure that your water is free from all poison chemicals.

Water wastage in ro purifiers

RO water purifiers waste some water while purifying the water. Reverse Osmosis process divides the incoming water into two streams - purified water stream and the reject water stream in which all the impurities that were in the original water is rejected. This process of separation and rejection of the impurities in water is done by the RO membrane.

The quantity of water wasted by the RO water purifier is about the same as the amount of pure water it produces. We say the RO has 50% recovery when it gives half the incoming water as pure water and the other half is wasted.

We at GD WATER CONSULT have introduced a new concept and these are magnetised structured water devices. This is a Scientific water treatment device which is unique in nature, maintenance free and easy to install solution to all water woes.

How it works?

As the water passes through this device, the bigger water clusters are broken down into nano clusters. Restructured water clusters renders hard water to soft water which prevents depositing of calcium and magnesium that causes scaling. It also maintains the Ph values.

Some unique features are-
Pure and safe bio- available water
No maintenance required
Absolutely no chemical treatment
Reduces surface tension
Prevents scaling
Saves energy, removes bacteria and other toxins

Some benefits of declustered water

Improves overall health
Improves metabolism
Helps in dissolving kidney stones
Reduces the concentration of chlorine in water
Keeps the body energetic
These devices are available in various sizes
½ Inch, 1 inch, 11/2 Inch, 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. You can get customized sizes as well

The same Magnetized structured water device is available in a smaller size which has the same features and properties. Water can be passed through this device. It is very easy and convenient to use and most importantly- You can carry it anywhere you go.

The RO industry is now waking up to reality that long term consumption of demineralized water is bad for your health. No RO sellers are racing around to find a solution to making the water healthy.

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