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Reasons for water turning green

Green water is normally formed due to excess of direct sunlight, but it can also be due to a water quality problem. Stagnant waters are exposed to direct sunlight and this turns them green. There are minerals which are in the form of salts, N, P, K etc. These are nutrients and airborne spores of the algae that enter the water and later turn green because of the algae.

Normally in mid-summer the water bodies turn green due to the growth of microscopic plants in the water called algae. Algae grows when the light and nutrient levels are sufficient. When the algae is dead, they decompose and cause odour.

Minerals that make water green

When a rock is weathered down over time, the minerals from the rock get dissolved and small pieces are released into the water and this is what causes different colours in the water. Iron, manganese and calcium carbonate from limestone are common minerals that cause the water to change colour.

Many types of algae form bloom in lakes and fresh waters and they have the ability to produce toxins that are dangerous to other organisms like humans and aquatic life. Algae love the higher Ph, but if they are kept under control, they will not multiply. In many lakes, algae abundance is determined by the amount of phosphorous dissolved in the water. The more phosphorous present, the more abundant algae become and the water turns green.

There are many instances when water tanks have green water. This is very dangerous. It is better to use opaque water storage tanks. Algae use photosynthesis to reproduce so they will be denied of sunlight if opaque storage tanks are used and hence, will not be able to multiply and pollute the water inside the tanks. It is advisable to keep the tanks covered and cleaned regularly in order to maintain the hygiene which should always be a priority.

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